Bundesliga 3 - Live Table Chrome Extension


What is it?

Stay up-to-date with the latest standings and live table of Bundesliga 3 with our Live Table Browser Extension. This extension provides you with real-time updates on team rankings, points, goals, and more.Whether you're a passionate football fan or simply interested in tracking the performance of your favorite Bundesliga 3 teams, our Live Table Browser Extension is a must-have tool. Stay informed and never miss a moment of the action!Note: To use this extension, an internet connection is required.

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What makes it special?

  • Live Table Updates: Get instant updates on the standings and live table of Bundesliga 3.

  • Season Selector: Easily switch between different seasons to view historical data.

  • User-Friendly Interface: Enjoy a clean and intuitive interface for quick access to the latest standings.

  • Automatic Data Updates: The extension automatically fetches and updates the data at regular intervals, ensuring you always have the latest information.

  • Lightweight and Fast: Our extension is designed to be lightweight, ensuring it doesn't slow down your browsing experience.

  • Privacy First: We don't track usage, behavior, or collect any personal information. Ever.

Buy Directly from the Developer

Direct purchases receive the following benefits:

  • Lifetime License: Eligible for free upgrades whenever new versions are released.

  • Priority Support: Issues raised or questions will go to the front of the queue.

  • Feature Requests: You have an idea to make the extension even better? Ask and we'll build it.


Extension Support

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